PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Qhov taw qhia

PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Qhov taw qhia


This indicator will place up to 6 lines, at prime levels of your choosing, in a successive pattern on the chart. You can have the pattern repeated as many times as you like. For example, you might select lines to be placed at the whole number, plus 20 pips, plus 33 pips, plus 50 pips, plus 66 pips, plus 80 pips and then the next whole number again. This range of lines can then be repeated both above and below this initial range. You can have as many levels of ranges above and below the initial range as you like. Or, you can select zero additional ranges and the initial range will automatically fill below or above the next whole number as the price moves there.

The lines can individually be of any color and style, and of any thickness when using solid lines. You can turn on/off each line individually. When lines are full screen wide, you can turn on/off the right margin price labels. You can select to have the lines stop at the current candle. Lines can be subordinated. To specify a level for a line just enter the last two digits of the price level.

The labels for the lines can be of any color, font size and font style. You can give the labels a name of your choice (example: Psych Level) and include the price. Labels can be positioned from right of the current candle (0), to far left (100), and they can be subordinated. Zooming in and out on the chart will displace the labels, but with the next data tick, their selected position is restored.

The indicator has an ON/OFF switch so you can turn the indicator off when the display of the prime levels is not desired, yet preserve your settings for the chart. You can also enter a time frame, above which the indicator will automatically not display. This enables switching to larger time frames for analysis, and having a chart clear of this indicator’s display.

Binary Options Indicators – Download lus qhia

PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Indicator is a Metatrader 4 (MT4) qhia thiab cov essence ntawm lub forex qhia yog txia sau keeb kwm ntaub ntawv.

PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Indicator provides for an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye.

Raws li nyob rau hauv cov ntaub ntawv no, traders yuav xav ntxiv nqi zog thiab kho lawv lub tswv yim raws li.

How to install PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Indicator.mq4?

  • Download PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Indicator.mq4
  • Copy PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Indicator.mq4 to your Metatrader Directory / kws txawj / ntsuas /
  • Pib los yog pib dua koj Metatrader Client
  • Xaiv Daim ntawv thiab sij hawm uas koj xav ntsuam xyuas koj qhia
  • Nrhiav “Kev cai Indicators” nyob rau hauv koj lub Navigator feem ntau tshuav nyob rau hauv koj Metatrader Client
  • Right click on PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Indicator.mq4
  • Muab mus rau ib tug daim ntawv
  • Hloov chaw los yog xovxwm ok
  • Indicator PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Indicator.mq4 is available on your Chart

How to remove PrimeLevelsBlack Binary Options Indicator.mq4 from your Metatrader Chart?

  • Xaiv lub Daim ntawv qhov twg yog qhov qhia khiav nyob rau hauv koj Metatrader Client
  • Txoj cai nias rau hauv lub Daim ntawv
  • “Indicators daim ntawv teev”
  • Xaiv lub Qhia thiab rho tawm

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