At the time of this publication there are at least two papers ( ft.Dejavu and WmiFor ), allowing to certain conventions to find “similar” sites on the story.

In the current paper, this problem has been solved for several different levels. Briefly – a CC Pearson.

lantugi input:


StartDate – the date on which the analysis of history.
Limit – the conditional boundaries of the job ( * Limit Max (| KK |) ), in which will take into account the relevant sections. If Limit = 1 will always be taken into account only one sector – the best.
MinStep – conditional job step ( MinStep * Max (| KK | )), which takes into account only the best of a number of areas, which are similar to the condition of Limit .
InitInterval – the initial size of a piece of history with which to compare. Once launched, the mouse is convenient to change it (see video).
Depth – how deep (in bars) to do, “forecast” in the past and future.
Alpha – coefficient of the exponential average (possibly pre-history to smooth).

StDev – inc. / off. found the average standard deviation map, like most of the site.
HighLow – inc. / off. mapping of the most remote areas of values, from which was formed by the most average-like plot.


Duha Options Ilhanan – Download Panudlo

Dejavu is a Metatrader 4 (MT4) timailhan ug ang lintunganay sa forex timailhan mao ang pagbag-o sa natipon nga kasaysayan data.

Dejavu provides for an opportunity to detect various peculiarities and patterns in price dynamics which are invisible to the naked eye.

Base sa niini nga impormasyon, mga magpapatigayon mahimo nga maghunahuna sa dugang pa nga presyo sa kalihokan ug adjust sa ilang estratehiya sumala.

How to install Dejavu.mq4?

  • Download Dejavu.mq4
  • Copy Dejavu.mq4 to your Metatrader Directory / mga eksperto / indicators /
  • Sugdi o pagsugod usab sa imong Metatrader kliyente
  • Pagpili Chart ug time frame diin kamo gusto sa pagsulay sa inyong timailhan
  • Search “Custom Indicators” diha sa imong Navigator kasagaran mahabilin sa imong Metatrader kliyente
  • Right click on Dejavu.mq4
  • Padapat, patampo sa usa ka tsart
  • Pag-usab sa mga kahimtang o mga press ok
  • Indicator Dejavu.mq4 is available on your Chart

How to remove Dejavu.mq4 from your Metatrader Chart?

  • Pagpili sa Chart diin ang Timailhan sa nga nagdagan diha sa imong Metatrader kliyente
  • Right click sa Chart
  • “Indicators listahan”
  • Pagpili sa mga Timailhan sa ug sa panas

Click sa ubos sa pag-download


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